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Fast track development with Sitecore XM Cloud & Gitpod

Gitpod + XM Cloud = Fast Track Development

With the release of Sitecore XM Cloud, it has opened up completely new developer experience. Let’s see how it can be used with Gitpod for a fast track development.

Incremental Static Regeneration Options in Next JS

Incremental static regeneration is one of the amazing features available in NextJS – it allows for lightning fast site speed without having to rebuild entire static site when content changes are done. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ISR options supported by Next JS and how they can be used in

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Extending Sitecore Rendering Host to support multisite

Traditional Sitecore supports multi domain binding and it’s built to render site based on requested domain. It can easily be configured using a patch configuration as shown below, Unfortunately Rendering Host though built on core and can be hosted on IIS – it doesn’t support multiple domains. In this blog, we can see

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