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Fast track development with Sitecore XM Cloud & Gitpod

Gitpod + XM Cloud = Fast Track Development

With the release of Sitecore XM Cloud, it has opened up completely new developer experience. Let’s see how it can be used with Gitpod for a fast track development.

Incremental Static Regeneration Options in Next JS

Incremental static regeneration is one of the amazing features available in NextJS – it allows for lightning fast site speed without having to rebuild entire static site when content changes are done. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ISR options supported by Next JS and how they can be used in

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Experience Edge Connector in a Docker based Sitecore Solution

In the last article overview on Experience Edge and in this article we will see how it is configured in a docker based setup and how to test it out. Configuring Experience edge Connector 1. Configuring Connection string and CM service First step is to add Experience edge connector module in the CM instance and

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Extending Sitecore Rendering Host to support multisite

Traditional Sitecore asp.net supports multi domain binding and it’s built to render site based on requested domain. It can easily be configured using a patch configuration as shown below, Unfortunately Rendering Host though built on Asp.net core and can be hosted on IIS – it doesn’t support multiple domains. In this blog, we can see

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Extending Sitecore CMP Connector

I have been trying out Sitecore Content hub for past several weeks and I must say that I am really impressed by it – especially the level of customization that can be done. The scripting features are amazing – developers can use multiple development flows [Multiple SDK’s, REST Api’s and C# scripting] to achieve their

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Sitecore Azure App Insights Log Viewer

Many Sitecore administrators and developers usually go and check traditional file system logs for Sitecore instance and they realize that the Sitecore Azure PaaS offering stores the logs in Azure Application Insights. Though storing Sitecore logs in Azure Application Insights comes with lot of benefits compared to the file system, it is sometimes difficult for

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Sitecore Publish Telemetry and Reporting Part – II

The last article described on how to track publishing activities using Azure Telemetry. In this article, we shall discuss on how to create reporting mechanism in Azure that shares information regarding Sitecore publishing. Understanding Log Analytics Now that we have tracked publishing using Azure telemetry, you can view them in Log Analytics in Azure Application

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