Sitecore Publish Telemetry and Reporting Part – I

Sitecore Azure Publish Tracking

Host Sitecore Intranet Site in Azure

By hosting Sitecore on Azure PaaS, you will have complete advantage over infrastructure complexities, reduced costs, high scalability and deployments are lot more easier compared to other types of hosting ( Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), On Premise Hosting ). Still many Sitecore customers stay away from moving to Azure PaaS assuming that Intranet Site has to be configured through

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UnPublish Sitecore items in a click !

I have seen a lot of content authors making a mistake of deleting an item in CMS before un-publishing it. This makes the item to persist in Target Database (usually the Web Database) as well as in search indexes.  To prevent this common mistake and to make the un-publishing easier, I created a Sitecore Powershell

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Removing old versions using Sitecore Scheduled Tasks

We need scheduled tasks to achieve a lot of our day today activities. This article describes how we can quickly create a scheduled task using Sitecore Powershell extension module. We had several jobs running in our Sitecore instance that would update Sitecore items based on contents from different platforms (ex: Salesforce, Eloqua , HubSpot etc).

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Escaping Characters in Azure Search

If you are new to Azure Search, you must make sure to escape certain characters in Sitecore Search queries. Currently, Azure search or the Sitecore Content search api does not escape these characters. {“error”:{“code”:””,”message”:”Invalid expression: ‘)’ or ‘,’ expected at position 102 in ‘((taxonomy/any(t:t eq ‘language/english’)) and (taxonomy/any(t:t eq ‘customer name/italy/test dela‘arte‘)) and (taxonomy/any(t:t eq

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Sitecore Debugger Saves the Day !

As a developer, you would need design and implement the components in a way that it doesn’t affect the performance. Sitecore’s Debug mode helps you to check if the components are performing to its optimal level. Google has indicated site speed is one of indicator for search ranking. Google might be specifically measuring time to

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Customizing Glassview Editable Field

Need to make a generic implementation using Glassview without passing expression as argument in Glass view Editable helper ? I recently had to create a generic grid which can be used to display items of multiple templates. For examples – If you have to create a Grid which can be used for Student and Staff

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